Well, it’s 2024 and I’m really excited for the new year. There’s a lot going on in the world of business technology, and always we’ve been in the kitchen beefing up our solution stack and implementing new features into our product lines to help our clients stay as secure and efficient as possible.

And we would like you go join us! We know that with the sometimes uncertain economy that it can be a big decision to invest in your business tech infrastructure. We get it, we are mindful of our pennies as well and make sure that we are keeping our operations as cost efficient as possible.

One of upsides of us doing that is that we are able pass those efficiencies and cost savings on to our trusted clients. We are currently offering new client incentives that sign up for one our monthly include the following:

  • FREE advanced network security audit and configuration, an $300-$500 value
  • FREE onboarding for new users, an ~$100 per user value

That is significant savings to get started with us! As an example, a 5 user shop would save over $1k that they could use towards other projects that drive them towards their business goals. We’ll help you get there and get started, but get in touch ASAP as once we fill up this offer will be gone.

We know how hard IT decisions can be for small businesses and figuring out how to best allocate resources to it. We get it, and we want to help.


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